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Friends here are sShort Stories On Happiness And Contentment. Man is always in search of happiness and to get it he sets many goals in life. But even after achieving those goals, he is not completely happy. He is always in search of happiness.

Short Stories On Happiness And Contentment

Short Stories On Happiness And Contentment These short stories will help you understand the meaning of real happiness. I hope you like and enjoy this story about happiness.

Short Stories On Happiness And Contentment

1.The Laughter Club

In a small village, there was a group of elderly friends who believed that laughter was the key to happiness. Every morning, they would gather in the village square and form a circle. They called themselves the “Laughter Club”.

Laughter Club members believed that laughter was contagious and had the power to heal. They started off with a simple grin and soon became butchers, each one fueling the others’ laughter. Passers-by couldn’t help but join in, and soon the village square was filled with infectious laughter.

One day a passer-by passing through the village happened to meet the Laughter Club. Impressed by the scene, he decided to join them. As he laughed heartily, his worries and tensions melted away. He felt that in that moment, he was fully present and free from the burdens of the world.

The news of The Laughter Club spread far and wide. people from

Moral: They understand that happiness is not solely dependent on external circumstances but is a choice that can be cultivated through laughter and a positive attitude.

2. Good Friends

Short Stories On Happiness And Contentment

Once upon a time there lived two friends in a village one named Raju the other named Somu Raju was a good character but Somu was a bad character still both are good friends.

Some months passed and one day Ramu and Somu went to a forest together. He saw and enjoyed nature hills different types of flowers, many types of birds and animals. Suddenly a bear came upon them.

Seeing the bear, Somu ran away but Ramu did not run because he had a big wound on his leg. You should not eat somu because he is my best and best friend for that I give it to you myself,

Take me this request broke the bear’s heart, and the bear told Ramu that you are a good friend. In the future, I will also be a good friend to all the animals living in the forest.

Moral: A friend in need is a friend indeed.

3. The Story In Lexie’s Family– short stories on happiness & contentment

Hi I’m Lexi..I have a little sister her name is Jessica. We are lucky to have our family. We are part of the royal family which is the richest family here (Philippines)… We got what we wanted. We have many slaves but of course I respect them properly but I don’t know about my sister.

I have heard that our maids are crying because of her but they are afraid to tell our parents about it and I can’t tell it to mother and father because if id do this I know very well that This is a cause of great confusion. So I decided to keep to myself. One day… my father goes home tired and I cannot describe his full expression at that time. Mummy tell us to go to your room quickly. I heard mom and dad talking, it seems like they talk sadly, they don’t even laugh.

So I decided to come out, without knowing that my sister followed me. When I reach my sister-in-law, mom and dad tell me to sit down. Then they tell me that we will not stay here anymore, but are going to make a small hat.

“Are we crazy! How am I supposed to live in a squatter’s dad!” she grumbled. But I know she can’t really stop them. Dad explained everything that our company was and is going to build an apartment in our house because we haven’t paid taxes.

A week later my father opened a car wash because he had very little money left.

month later….

“Dad I want a car”
Jessica complains again.

“My baby, don’t you see life we are just a poor family who can’t afford to buy expensive cars”

“But next week is my birthday. !!! Whether you like it or not, you’re going to buy me an SUV.
I know dad wanted to cry but he stopped it.

Jessica’s birthday…

“Dad was my car?”

“Outside the Sweet Heart”

She is so excited that she forgets to even say thank you. Then the whole family went out.

“Wahaaattat???!!!!!!! is this my car!?

She quickly left us and went to her room. “That’s a nice bicycle” I thought… Moments later dad used the bicycle and wheeled it away… and back home with a new SUV. jessica walks out of her room and hugs daddy

“You’re the Best Dad”

But wait, why can papa buy such an expensive car…..

Later…. We went out (Jessica and I) my sister decided to wash her car. So we went to wash father’s car.

When we were about to enter, we were shocked, we saw papa cleaning my sister’s car…. But why? When we asked the cashier, he said

“Your father sells it to Mr. Samson and we don’t know why.”

By this time my sister was blushing and we reached home and told the whole story to mother. Mother was shocked. She tells how much parents love their son/daughter…. When dad came home, my sister apologized to him.

My dad smiled… “Oh it’s the only way you can change yourself Jessica I know” Then dad hugs her and we live happily ever after.

Moral: The power of love and unity in families

4. Secret Of Happiness

A rich man lived in a city. He was a great merchant and never lacked anything, yet he was always anxious and restless. One day he went to a village to meet a sage at his ashram. The man told his problem to the sage that he was not lacking anything yet he was always worried.

The sage listened to her problem and said – Come tomorrow, I will tell you how to be happy and worry free.

The person reached the sage’s ashram the next day at the same time. He saw that the sage was searching for something outside his hermitage.

That person said – Guruvar (Sage) what are you looking for? May I help You! Rishi said – I am looking for my ring, which has gone missing.

Hearing this, that person also started searching for his ring along with the monk. The ring was not found even after searching for a long time, so that person asked the sage – where did your ring fall?

Muni said – My ring fell in the hut of the ashram, but it is very dark there, so I am looking for the ring outside the ashram.

The person asked with surprise – When your ring fell in the hut, why are you looking here???

Rishi said – this is the solution to your problem..

Happiness is within you, but you are looking for it in money and foreign goods. The whole ocean is within you, yet you are looking for water outside with a spoon. Money or possessions are important in life, but money alone cannot buy happiness.

Moral: “The secret of happiness is to see all the wonders of the world, and never forget the drops of oil on the spoon.”

5. The Poor Man And One Boy

Once upon a time in Mumbai. There lives a poor man, he had no family. One day the poor man went to collect money from the people. A boy lives. His name is Rahul.

Poor one was going to Rahul. Rahul says okay. I give you one rupee, but you clean my car. Poor man Rahul, s car. Rahul said okay. I give you one rupee, but you clean my shoes. Poor guy is fine. I’m cleaning your shoes. The poor man was cleaning his shoes.

Rahul kicked that poor man and said, take money from me, go from me. Poor guy was crying in the park. Suddenly his friend came to the poor man and asked what happened my friend what happens.

The poor man tells the whole story of himself and Rahul. Poor man’s friend says please you earn money from work please and his friend go to the park. Poor says ok you say then I am earning money by working. The poor man used to earn money by sweeping the park, washing people’s clothes, pressing people’s clothes and learning at night.

A few years later

One day Rahul came to a park with his friend and said friends, after a few days he signs a paper but suddenly two men came to a park and said sorry brother, this park is under a man. The poor man came wearing new clothes and said sorry Rahul, this park is under me. I am a poor man but I have been learning for many years and today I am a big businessman. Suddenly the police came and arrested Rahul and saluted the poor man.

Moral: Regardless of our own circumstances, we have the ability to bring light, hope, and joy to those around us through acts of kindness and compassion.

6. The Joyful Gardener– short stories about famous person

Short Stories On Happiness And Contentment

In a crowded city, there lived a gardener named Ben. Ben had a small garden on the roof of his apartment building, where he spent his days tending to plants and flowers. His passion for gardening brought him immense joy and satisfaction.

One day, Ben meets a young girl named Lily, who had recently moved into the building. Lily is looking sad and lost, so Ben invites her to his rooftop garden. As they strolled among the blooming flowers, Ben shared stories about each plant, their unique qualities, and how they brought joy to his life.

Lily’s eyes lit up with surprise as she listened to Ben’s story. Moved by her enthusiasm, he asked her if she could help him with the garden. Ben gladly agreed, and together they began planting seeds, watering the plants, and watching them grow.

Days turned into weeks, and as the garden flourished, so did Lily’s spirits. He discovered the healing power of nature and the joy of nurturing life. The rooftop garden became a sanctuary where both Ben and Lily found solace and shared laughter.

As the seasons changed, so did Lily’s outlook on life. He realized that happiness could be found in the simplest things, like watching a sprout sprout or a butterfly landing on a flower. Ben teaches Lily that happiness is not something to be chased; It can be cultivated where you are.

Moral: Cultivating Happiness Through Connection with Nature and Passion

7. The Christmas Gift – happiness short story summary

Once upon a time there lived a family in Melbourne. The father had three lovely children and the mother had passed away while giving birth to the youngest child, Jilith. Mother’s last words were “When we have each other it’s everything.”

The next day they arranged a funeral for the mother and the father muttered softly “gone but never forgotten.”

Everyone around her loved her for her kind heart and she was also very smart. Both the elder sisters were proud and greedy.

They always celebrated Christmas and finally it was Christmas Eve. Everyone was very excited and they all started getting ready for it.

“Hey Veroz don’t hang those stupid bubbles, the tree already looks ugly on you” said Emily to the eldest sister. She laughed out loud and Veroz shouted “Shut up! And what the hell are you looking at, Zilith? You better not forget that mom died because of you and she is not here to celebrate Christmas with us, it is all because of you! Bad luck has been following you since the time you were born.

Zeilith tried not to hold back her tears and ran to her room. A smile came on both of their faces and she cried hugging her mother’s picture. After a while the father came home and told his daughters to hand him the cards and he would post them to Santa on his way to work.

Since his father was a businessman, he mostly lived outside. In the morning the two gifts were beautifully wrapped. Both the elder sisters got a silk dress and a jewel as per their wish. They both asked “Where is your current Zillith?” Laughed at both of them.

Zeilith said it right here.

The father said, “What do you mean?” You guys are my present and what I need the most. When we have each other, we have everything and the greatest gift is family and my greatest joy is spending time with all of you and I am happy for that zlith. We are sorry about everything.

You are lucky to have us in the family and please forgive us for how we treated you, Veroz and Emily said. I forgive you both, after all we are a family and family is a gift that lasts forever, Zeilith said. They all cried with happiness and started living happily.

Moral: Her actions demonstrate the joy that comes from giving to others without expecting anything in return

8. There Was a Boy

There was a boy whose family was very rich. One day his father took him on a trip to the country, where he intended to show his son how poor people lived. So they arrived at the farm of a very poor family, as he thought. He spent several days there. Upon his return, the father asked his son if he liked the trip.

“Oh, it was great, Dad” – replied the boy. “Have you seen how poor people live?” “Yes, I did” – said the boy. The father asked his son to describe in more detail the experiences he had gained from his journey”.

“Well, we only have one dog, and they have four of them. We have a pool in our garden, while they have a river that seems to have no end. We have expensive lanterns, but at night their heads There are stars above. We have a patio, and they have the whole horizon. We have a small piece of land, while they have endless fields. We buy food, but they grow it. To protect our property We have high fences, and they don’t need it, because their friends protect them.

The father was speechless. He could not say a word.

Then the boy said: “Dad, thank you for making me see how poor we are.”

Moral: This story shows that true wealth as well as happiness cannot be measured by material things. Love, friendship and freedom are far more valuable.

9. Dreams Come True- Story about happiness in life

Some say dreams don’t come true, but I bet you do. The last incident that happened in my school on 21st August 2020 confirmed that dreams do come true. Last night, while I was sleeping, I dreamed about a house on fire.

Everyone was shocked and we all looked here and there to see where the smoke was coming from. People shouted and started running here and there to douse the fire. Some people called the fire department, but they arrived late.

Next day, I went to school. I was in class and a teacher was teaching. Suddenly, the atmosphere changed and it became suffocating, we could see smoke.

So, my teacher then open the window. Behold! A house behind the school was on fire and the fire was about to come close to the school building.

My teacher then shouted “There’s a fire, everyone run!” I was so scared that I left my school bag and my lunch box with my sandals at school. As we were on another campus, many parents came to pick up their children.

We were waiting for the parents to come. Then I saw that my mother was crying towards the gate of the compound. She immediately saw us, she ran to hug us and she quickly took us to her home. He didn’t even remember asking for our school bags and shoes. We ran home.

The school teachers were calling the fire department, but it took some time for them to reach. When they finally arrived, they learned that no one was home at the time of the fire and that it must have been an electric iron plugged into a socket that started the fire.

I was so scared that I forgot all my stuff at school. My legs were shaking but I ran as fast as I could. I couldn’t run properly because my sandals were still at school. When I got home I told my father about what happened, he was very shocked about it but he was happy to see us.

A few days later, my father brought my things back from school and the house that had caught fire was rebuilt. Everything was back to normal. It was the worst day of my life but a dream come true.

Moral: we should always think positive

Stories About Happiness And Contentment

  1. The Laughter Club
  2. Good Friends
  3. The Story In Lexie’s Family
  4. Secret Of Happiness
  5. The Poor Man And One Boy
  6. The Joyful Gardener
  7. The Christmas Gift
  8. There Was a Boy
  9. Dreams Come True

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