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Here, I provide you RBE Computer PDF E-book which is available on their website for free. As I know many of you find these pdf and do not get them properly on the internet. So, here I give you a direct link to download the file from below.

RBE Computer PDF in Hindi

Rbe Computer Book English

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

Referred to as the brain of the computer.
Given the instructions and data through programs. The CPU then fetches the program and
data from the memory and performs arithmetic and logic operations as per the given
instructions and stores the result back to memory.
CPU stores the data as well as instructions in its local memory called registers which are
limited in size and number.
Divided into three main components:
Ø ALU (Arithmetic and logic unit)
Ø Control Unit
Ø Registers

Arithmetic and Logic unit

ALU performs all the arithmetic and logic operations that need to be done as per the
instruction in a program.

Control unit

CU controls sequential instruction execution, interprets instructions, and guides data flow
through the computer’s memory, ALU and input or output devices.

RBE Computer PDF

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RBE Computer PDF in Hindi Download

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