10 Interesting Akbar and Birbal Stories with Moral for Kids

These stories, passed down through generations, highlight the wisdom, knowledge and moral education associated with Akbar and Birbal. They are popular anecdotes that still entertain and educate people today. The stories of Akbar and Birbal reflect the cultural values and traditions of medieval India, Interesting Akbar and Birbal Stories stressing the importance of intelligence, wit and moral reasoning.

Interesting Akbar and Birbal Stories

We have handpicked some of the best stories about Akbar and Birbal for you, reading which you will get to know about the versatility of Birbal and the bitter-sweet tussle between the two, Interesting Akbar and Birbal Stories which you will enjoy reading

Akbar Birbal Stories in English with Moral

1.Gold Coin and Justice

Just like any other day in King Akbar’s court, once Akbar asked Birbal, “My dear Birbal, if I ask you to choose between justice and a gold coin, what would you choose?”

Without delay in replying, Birbal replied, “Your Highness, I will choose a gold coin without any doubt.” Everyone including Emperor Akbar was taken aback at Birbal’s prompt reply and thought that this time Birbal had faltered for once.

Emperor Akbar said, “I am very disappointed with you. Why would you choose something of little value like a gold coin over something as valuable as justice?”

Birbal replied with a smile on his face, “Your Highness, there is no dearth of justice as there is justice everywhere in your kingdom. I have not felt the need to ask for something that I have in abundance, but my lord, I am certainly short of money, and a gold coin would be nice.

Akbar was speechless on hearing this answer, but he had a big smile on his face. He felt very pleased with the answer and rewarded Birbal with 100 gold coins.

Moral: Words should be chosen carefully.

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2. Birbal’s Khichadi– funny akbar birbal stories

Once on a cold winter day, Akbar and Birbal were walking on the banks of a lake. Akbar paused and put his finger in the cold water and immediately took it out saying, “I don’t think one can last a night in this cold water”. Birbal took it as a challenge and said that he would find someone who could do it.

Akbar promised 1000 gold coins to anyone who spent the night standing in the cold water of the lake. Soon, Birbal found a poor man who agreed to accept the challenge for 1000 gold coins. Guarded by two royal guards, the poor man spent the whole night standing in the cold water. Early in the morning the poor man was taken to the court for the reward.

When asked by the king how he could stand the cold water, the man replied, “Your Majesty, I kept looking at a lamp burning in the distance, and my whole night was spent looking at it”. Upon learning this, the Emperor said, “This man is not worthy of the award as he could manage to stand in the lake as he was getting heat from the lamp”. The poor man felt ruined and heartbroken. He reached out to Birbal for help. Birbal did not go to the court the next day. Akbar went to Birbal to know the reason for this.

To his amusement, the king found Birbal sitting near a fire with a pot hanging about 6 feet above it. On being asked, Birbal said, “I am making khichdi, my lord”. Akbar started laughing and said that it was impossible. Birbal said, “It is possible my king. If a poor man can stay warm by looking at a lamp burning from a distance, I can cook this khichdi just like that.” Akbar understood Birbal’s point and completed the challenge. Rewarded the poor guy for doing.

Moral: Hope can motivate people to work hard.

3. The King’s Dream

Interesting Akbar and Birbal Stories

One night while sleeping, Emperor Akbar had a strange dream that all his teeth except one had fallen out.

Then the next day he sent big astrologers from all over the country and told them about his dream and wanted to know its meaning.

Everyone deliberated among themselves and unanimously said to the emperor, “Jahanpanah (king), it means that all your relatives and relatives will die before you.”

Hearing this, Akbar became very angry and asked all the astrologers to leave the court. After they left, the emperor asked Birbal to explain the meaning of his dream.

Birbal remained immersed in thought for some time, then said, “Huzoor (Emperor), the meaning of your dream is very good. It means that you will live the longest among your kith and kin.”

The king was very pleased to hear Birbal’s words.

Moral: Birbal also said the same thing as the astrologers said, but there was a difference in saying. The emperor bid farewell to Birbal by awarding him.

4. Farmer’s Well– story of akbar and birbal in english

A farmer living in Akbar’s kingdom bought a well from a person. He wanted to irrigate his field with the water of the well.

The farmer paid the full cost of the well. But the next day when he reached the well and started putting buckets with a rope to get water, the seller of the well stopped him.

He said to the farmer, “I have sold my well, not the water.” That’s why you can’t extract water from it. Let’s run away from here. ,

The farmer took his face and left from there. He was feeling cheated. Eventually, he reached Akbar’s court in need of justice.

Akbar listened to the farmer’s plea and entrusted the responsibility of solving his case to Birbal.

After fully understanding the matter, Birbal reached the well, which was discussed. The farmer also called the man from whom he had bought the well.

Birbal asked the man, “Brother, why are you not allowing this farmer to draw water from the well? You have paid the full price.”

The seller of the well again repeated the same thing, “I have sold the well, not its water.” I still have rights over the water. How do I then allow it to drain the water? ,

Birbal understood the trick of the deceitful person. He understood that ghee is not going to be available with a straight finger. So he threw his dice and said, “You are right brother. Let us assume that you have the right over the water of the well. But do you believe that now the owner of the well is the farmer?”

“Yes I agree.” The man agreed.

“Okay! Then do it immediately take all the water out of the farmer’s well and take it somewhere else, or you pay rent for keeping water in the well. You cannot keep your water in the farmer’s well without paying the rent.” Birbal said.

The swindler who sold the well was stunned. The water had returned to its full trick of fooling the farmer. He apologized to Birbal and handed over the full ownership of the well to the farmer. In the end, Ser has got one and a half to a quarter.

Moral: Don’t try to cheat people, otherwise you will have to pay the price.

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5. The foolish Thief

Once a businessman went out of state for a few days for some work. When he reaches home after completing his work, he finds that his safe is completely empty. All their hard earned money has been looted. The merchant got scared and called all the servants to his house. There were total 5 servants in the merchant’s house. Hearing the merchant’s voice, all the servants stood in front of him.

The merchant asked him, “How did you guys commit such a big theft in the house? It was stolen. We were sleeping. On hearing this, the merchant became enraged and said, “I think only one of you five has committed the theft.” Only Emperor Akbar will settle your account. Saying this he went towards the palace.

Emperor Akbar was sitting in his court listening to the problems of the public when the merchant reached there. The merchant said, “Justice Huzoor, justice, solve my problem.” The king asked, “What happened?” Who are you and what is your problem? The merchant said, “Your Majesty, I am a merchant living in your state. I had gone out of the state for some important work. When I came back, all my safes were looted. I am broke, sir. Help me.” “

Hearing this, the king asked some questions to the merchant, such as how much goods were stolen, does he suspect anyone etc. After answering the questions, Akbar handed over the merchant’s case to Birbal and said that Birbal would help him in catching the real thief. ,

Birbal reached the merchant’s house the next day. He called all the servants and asked them where they all were on the night of the robbery. Everyone said that we live in the merchant’s house and that night they were sleeping in the merchant’s house.

Birbal obeyed him and said, “You all need not worry. I have these five magic sticks in my hands. I will give each one of you a stick. Whoever the thief is, his stick will be two inches long tonight.” Will be.” And the thief will be caught. We will all meet here tomorrow.” Saying this, Birbal took each stick in his hand and went away.

The day has set. The next day Birbal again reached the merchant’s house and called all the servants with their respective wood. When Birbal saw everyone’s wood, he saw that one servant’s wood was two inches short.

Just what then. Birbal immediately ordered the soldiers to capture that servant. The merchant could not understand the whole incident and looked at Birbal with confusion. Birbal explained to the merchant that no wood is magical, but the thief was afraid that his wood would grow two inches longer, fearing that he cut his wood to two inches and was caught. The merchant was very impressed by Birbal’s cleverness and thanked him.

Moral: No matter how cleverly the wrongdoing is done, but it comes in the eyes of everyone and its result is always bad.

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Justice Stories of Akbar and Birbal

6. The Crows in The Kingdom

On a fine sunny day, Akbar and Birbal were taking a leisurely walk in the palace gardens. Suddenly, Akbar thought of testing Birbal’s intelligence by asking him a tricky question.

The king asked Birbal, “How many crows are there in our kingdom?” Birbal understood the amusement in the king’s voice, and within minutes Birbal replied, “My king, there are eighty thousand nine hundred and seventy one crows in our kingdom”. Astonished and amused, Akbar further tested Birbal, “What if we had more crows?”

Birbal replied, “Oh, then crows from other states must be coming to us”. “What if there are fewer crows?” asked Akbar. Birbal replied with a smile, “Well, then some of our crows must be going to other states.” Akbar smiled at Birbal’s sense of humor and wit.

Moral: If one thinks simply there is always a solution.

7. King Akbar’s Stolen Ring

One day, Akbar lost his ring, which was gifted to him by his father. When Birbal reached the court, Akbar told him, “My ring is lost. My father gifted it to me. Please help me find it.”

Birbal said, “Don’t worry, Maharaj, I will find your ring now.”

He said, “The king’s ring is in this court, it is with a courtier. The courtier who has a straw in his beard has your ring.”

The courtier who had the king’s ring was startled and immediately stroked his beard. Birbal noticed this act of the courtier. He immediately pointed to the courtier and said, ‘Please find this person. He has the ring of kings.”

Akbar could not understand how Birbal found the ring. Birbal then told Akbar that a guilty person is always scared and he would be the first person to react.

Moral: A guilty conscience will always drive it away. A guilty conscience needs no accuser.

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8. Biggest Weapon-Very Short Akbar Birbal Stories In English with Moral Lessons

Sometimes such things used to happen between Akbar and Birbal, in which his life was in danger to investigate. Once Akbar asked Birbal – “Birbal, which is the biggest weapon in the world?” “King! The greatest weapon in the world is confidence.” replied Birbal.

Akbar listened to Birbal and kept it in his heart and decided to investigate it at some point. One day an elephant accidentally went mad. In such a situation, the elephants were chained.

Akbar sent Birbal to test Birbal’s confidence and ordered the owner of the elephant to unchain the elephant seeing Birbal coming.

Birbal did not know about this. When he was going to meet Emperor Akbar in his court, the mad elephant was released. Birbal was just going in his fun that he saw the mad elephant, which was coming towards him in a panic.

Birbal was the answer to the occasion, extremely intelligent, cunning and self-confident. They understood that Emperor Akbar had released the mad elephant to test faith and intelligence.

The running elephant was running fast towards Birbal with its trunk raised. Birbal was standing in such a place that he could not escape even by running here and there. At the same time Birbal saw a dog. The elephant had come very close.

So close that he would have wrapped Birbal in his trunk. Then Birbal quickly caught both the last legs of the dog and threw it towards the elephant by twisting it with all his might. When the dog screamed in terrible terror, the elephant also got scared and ran backwards after hearing the terrible scream of the elephant.

Akbar got the news of Birbal and had to believe that what Birbal had said was true.

Moral: Self belief is the biggest weapon.

9. The Pot full of Wit

Once upon a time, Emperor Akbar got so angry with Birbal that he asked Birbal to leave the palace. Heartbroken, Birbal left the kingdom and took refuge in a farmer’s house in a nearby village. Birbal assumed a new identity and started working as a farmer.

After a few weeks, Akbar started missing Birbal and so he asked his soldiers to find him and bring him back to the kingdom. The soldiers searched from one end of the kingdom to the other, but could not find Birbal.

After this Akbar got the idea of finding Birbal. He sent a message throughout the kingdom that every village headman must send him a vessel full of wisdom. One who cannot send a pot full of wisdom, can send a pot filled with gold and diamonds.

The people of Birbal’s village found this announcement absurd and were thinking how to fill the pitcher with wisdom. Birbal came forward to help and found a way to give the king what he wanted. He put a small watermelon in the pot without separating it from its vine. He watered it every day and made it grow so much that the entire space of the pot was filled.

Birbal then separated the watermelon from the vine and sent the vessel to the king. The instruction that was sent with the pot read, “You can find wisdom in the pot if you carefully remove the watermelon without cutting it.” Akbar realized that only Birbal could have sent the utensils. He himself went on a tour of the village and brought Birbal back to the capital.

Moral: Even the toughest questions can be answered cleverly if you think hard.

10. Birbal is the rooster– wisdom stories of akbar and birbal

Interesting Akbar and Birbal Stories

The stories of Akbar and Birbal are popular mainly because Birbal is loyal to King Akbar. Everyone in the court knew this and some were even jealous of Birbal for this reason.

Once it happened that Akbar wanted to tell Birbal that he was not loyal. For this he did some planning. He called all the members of his court and asked them to carry an egg in their clothes and bring it to the court the next day.

The next day, everyone did the same. When the court began, King Akbar announced, “I order you all to go to the royal garden and take an egg for each of you.”

Immediately they all went to the garden and took out the eggs they had hidden. They brought them back to the king and showed them.

But Birbal could not find a single egg in the garden. They thought for a while and understood that this was the king’s plan. He then thought of an idea.

He came to the court crowing like a chicken. “Cock-a-doodle-doo Cock-a-doodle-doo!”

All the people along with the king were surprised and laughed out loud. Later the emperor asked, “What is this Birbal?” Then Birbal said, “Your Majesty, these are all hens. So they went to the garden and laid eggs. But I’m a rooster, I can’t lay eggs!”

The king was again pleasantly surprised by Birbal’s answer.

Moral: Think positive all the time and come up with innovative ideas to solve any problem.

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Akbar Birbal Stories in English with Moral

  1. Gold Coin and Justice
  2. Birbal’s Khichadi
  3. The King’s Dream
  4. Farmer’s Well
  5. The foolish Thief
  6. The Crows in The Kingdom
  7. King Akbar’s Stolen Ring
  8. Biggest Weapon
  9. The Pot full of Wit
  10. Birbal is the rooster

Hope you enjoy these one Interesting Akbar and Birbal Stories. Children should read all these stories so that they can get an idea of it. Rather it also becomes a means of entertainment for the elders. Please don’t forget to comment if you liked this story.


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