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Friendship is very important for everyone, Friendship Moral Stories in English You need a good friend in your life who stays with you in your happiness and sorrow and gives you good advice. As soon as a person is born, many relationships are associated with him, but the relationship of friendship is made with a person.

Friendship Moral Stories in English

Some Friendship Stories That Will Remind You Of Your Friendship These friendship stories are stories that celebrate the special bond of friendship, exploring the values of trust, loyalty and companionship. Friendship Moral Stories in English So today we have written a very good story for you

English Moral Stories About Friendship

1.Trust and friendship

Sohan and Mohan, two friends who had gone to other countries, were passing through a forest. There is often panic about wild animals in the forest. Sohan was scared of coming in front of a wild animal.

“Friend!” he shouted to Mohan. This forest must be home to wild animals. What will we do if an animal attacks us?”

Sohan said, “Friend, don’t be afraid.” I agree with you. I will not leave you in the face of danger. Together we will face every challenge.”

They were moving forward while talking in this way that a bear came in front of them. Both my friends got scared. The bear started going near them. In shock, Sohan immediately climbed the tree. He hoped that Mohan would also climb the tree. However, Mohan did not know how to climb the tree. He was helpless below.

The bear started moving towards him. Mohan broke out in fear. Despite his fear, he began to brainstorm a strategy to avoid the bear. While he was thinking an idea came to him. He fell to the ground, holding his breath and lying motionless.

The bear came closer. As soon as he walked around Mohan, he could smell him. Sohan was watching on the tree. He saw the bear whispering in Mohan’s ear. The bear whispered in his ear and went away.

Sohan climbed the tree as soon as the bear left. Mohan had also stood up by that time. “Friend!” Sohan said to Mohan. I saw the bear whispering in your ear as you lay on the ground. “Did he say anything?”

“Yeah, the bear warned me not to trust such a friend, then run away leaving you in trouble.”

Moral: A friend who runs away when he is in trouble is incredible.

2. Tom and Ben- Short Story on Friendship

Once upon a time, there were two best friends named Tom and Ben. They were friends since childhood and used to do everything together. They attended the same school, played on the same sports team and even shared their secrets with each other.

One day, Tom and Ben decide to start a business together. He had always dreamed of starting his own business, and he knew he had the skills and drive to make it happen. He quit his job, saved up his savings and opened a small sporting goods store.

At first everything went well. He had a steady stream of customers, and his business was booming. But as time went on, they began to disagree on how to run the business. Tom wanted to expand and take more risks, while Ben wanted to stay small and play it safe.

They argued about it for weeks, but could not find a middle ground. Ultimately, Tom decided that he could not continue working with Ben and left the business.

Ben is devastated. He had lost his best friend and business partner. He tried to continue with the business on his own, but it was too much for him. Eventually they had to close shop.

Years pass and Tom and Ben go their separate ways. Tom starts a new business and becomes successful, while Ben finds a new job and moves on with his life.

One day, Tom was walking down the street, and he saw Ben sitting outside a cafe. He hesitated for a moment, but decided to go and talk to her. They sat talking for hours, reminiscing about the old times and catching up on what had happened in their lives.

While they were talking, Tom realized that he had made a mistake. He realized that his friendship with Ben was more important than any business. He apologizes to Ben for his actions and Ben forgives him.

From that day on, Tom and Ben became friends again. They could not work together but they always supported each other.

Moral: Friendship is priceless and should be given utmost importance. Even in tough times, it’s important to always try to keep the bond strong.

3. Two Friends and Sword

Friendship Moral Stories in English

Two friends Sonu and Monu lived in a village. One day both had to go to another village for some work.

On the way, Sonu saw a beautiful sword hanging from a tree. He quickly rushed forward and grabbed it and shouted with joy, “What a beautiful sword I have found.”

On this his friend Monu interrupted him and said, “We are traveling together, so you say that we have a beautiful sword.”

Sonu replied, “Oh no no, I saw this sword and took it. Therefore, it is mine only.”

Having said this, he kept that sword with him. Monu didn’t say anything again and both started moving forward.

When he was about to reach another village, a group of people stood in front of him.

Then suddenly one of them hugs Sonu saying, “I have caught him, he is the murderer. He has the sword used for the murder in our village.

Hearing this, Sonu got scared and said to Monu, “My friend, we are in trouble.”

To this Monu replied, “No, we do not. It is only you who are in trouble.”

That’s why people started taking Sonu with them to put him in jail. Monu felt bad for his friend and cleared the misunderstanding caused by that sword and got Sonu out of that trouble.

Later Sonu apologizes to Monu for his selfish behavior and thanks him for helping him in his difficult times.

Moral: We should not only share our sorrows but also our happiness with our friends.

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4. I’Mpossible– Touching Stories About Friendship

Long time ago, there were two friends and they loved each other very much. Rahul was ten years old and Raj was seven years old, both always used to go for walks together.

It was a matter of one day that both of them went out for a walk that they saw a well, both of them ran very fast to see it. What was it then, both reached there and started peeping into the well. It was a very quiet place, where there was no one far and wide, only these two friends.

Both were peeping into the well when Rahul’s foot slipped and he fell into the well. Seeing Rahul falling into the well, Raj started shouting loudly and said, someone save Rahul. When no one came, Raj thought that Rahul would drown now, he saw a bucket tied with a rope next to the well.

He immediately threw that bucket into the well and said Rahul, catch it. Rahul also caught hold of that bucket and Raj started pulling the rope forcefully towards him and after a long time Rahul came out.

Then both of them hugged each other and said that they will tell this thing to everyone after going home. What was it then, both of them came to the house and started telling everyone, what was it then, after listening to both of them, the whole neighborhood started laughing and said – Raj is so small, how can Rahul be saved?

There was a very old grandfather who was listening very carefully to the words of these two friends. When everyone became silent, he said, these boys are right. Everyone was surprised and started looking at Grandfather and said – How?

Then grandpa told that when Rahul was drowning there was no one far and wide and Raj understood that now only he can save Rahul and he also tried his best and finally succeeded. Happened too. Everyone was very happy after listening to Grandfather and gave lots of love to Raj.

Moral: Friends, similarly it happens in our life that we are afraid of some work which we will not be able to do, but if we try then no work is impossible.

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5. Friendship and Wealth

Two friends named Ram and Ravi lived in a village. Ram was from a rich family and Ravi was from a poor family. Despite the difference in status, the two were close friends. Going to school together, playing, eating, drinking, talking. Most of their time was spent with each other.

Time passed and both grew up. Ram takes over the family business and Ravi gets a small job. After the burden of responsibilities came on the head, it was not possible for both to spend time with each other as before. Whenever I get a chance, I definitely do.

One day Ram came to know that Ravi was ill. He came to her house to see her. After inquiring about his well-being, Ram did not stay there for long. He took out some money from his pocket and handed it over to Ravi and went back.

Ravi felt very sad at this behavior of Ram. But he didn’t say anything. After recovering, he worked very hard and arranged the money and returned Ram’s money.

Only a few days had passed when Ram fell ill. When Ravi came to know about Ram, he left his work and ran to Ram and stayed with him till he recovered.

This behavior of Ravi made Ram realize his mistake. He was filled with guilt. One day he went to Ravi’s house and apologized to him for his actions and said, “Friend! Way. I am very ashamed of my actions. Forgive me.

Ravi hugs Ram and says, “No problem friend. I am glad you have realized that money is not important in friendship, but love and care for each other is what matters.”

Moral: Don’t embarrass friendship by weighing it with money. The basis of friendship is love, trust and love for each other.

6. Jack and Jill

Once upon a time there were two friends named Jack and Jill. They were friends since childhood and used to do everything together. They attended the same school, played on the same sports team, and even spent time at each other’s homes.

One day, Jack and Jill decide to go for a walk in the woods. He had heard about a beautiful waterfall in a dense forest and wanted to see it himself. He packed a bag with snacks and water and set out for his adventure.

As they progressed further into the forest, they met a fork in the path. Jack wanted to take the left, while Jill wanted to take the right. They argued for a while, but eventually Jack gave in and they took the path to the right.

After hiking for a few hours, they finally reached the waterfall. It was even more beautiful than he had imagined. They sat and enjoyed the view, had breakfast and talked about their plans for the future.

As they were getting ready to head back, Jill realized she had left her phone at the fork in the road. She panics and insists that they go back and find it. Jack didn’t want to, thought it was a waste of time but eventually, he agreed.

He retraced his steps, but he could not find the phone. The sun was setting and they were getting tired. Jack suggests they go back, but Jill is determined to find the phone. She said that it is her responsibility and she cannot leave it behind.

Jack, already exhausted and discouraged, reluctantly agrees to continue the search. They searched for hours, but still could not find the phone. At last he had to give up and return.

The next day, Jack and Jill go into the woods to look for the phone again. This time, they split up and started exploring different areas. Jack eventually gives up, but Jill keeps on searching. And finally, he got it!

Jill was overjoyed and thanked Jack for his help. Jack realized that their friendship was more important than his own discomfort, and they returned home closer than ever as friends.

Moral: True friends will always be there for each other even in difficult times. It’s important to be helpful and understanding, even when things don’t go as planned.

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7. Fred and George– true friends story with moral

Fred was a young boy who loved to go fishing with his friends. He often went fishing in the river with his friend George. Fred and George were good friends and always helped each other.

One day they went fishing together but they could not find any fish. So, Fred sets out on a fishing boat and takes the boat to the depths. He tried to lean on the boat to watch the fishes and he accidentally fell.

George was so scared that he didn’t want to fall himself. But he couldn’t leave Fred alone so he threw a rope to Fred and pulled him up. It was very tough, but she did it and Fred thanked her and hugged her.

Moral: True friends never leave you alone under any circumstances.

8. Friends in the Army– true friends story with moral

Friendship Moral Stories in English

Two boys from a small village were close friends. They always spend their time together.

Both had a common dream of serving the country.

He started working from a young age to make his dream come true. Eventually both of them joined the army with their hard work and determination.

As the days passed, he got the opportunity to serve the country. war broke out. They started preparing themselves for war.

Before leaving for their respective base camps, both sent messages to each other that they were safe.

They went to war and bravely faced their enemies. But unfortunately, a friend is hit in a bunker and seriously injured.

Hearing this, another friend decided to save him. But his commander stopped him and said, “You cannot go there. Because by the time you get there, your friend will be dead.”

He requested his commander that he should go. The commander agreed.

He left and came back with his friend. He was already dead.

Seeing this the commander said, “Soldier, I told you that by the time you go there, your friend will be dead. Now your efforts are in vain”.

She replied, “Sir when I went there, I saw her smile. Then, looking into my eyes, she said, “My friend, I had faith that you would come to save me.”

I could not save her. But his last words showed his trust in me and in our friendship. So, my effort is nothing when we compare it with our friendship.

We should trust our friends and stand up for them even when there is noise around us.

“Friends are those who are useful in trouble.”

Moral: Friendship is such a relation where we trust each other blindly. A friend will be there for us whenever we need them.

9. Rocks And Sand

Once two best friends were crossing a desert. Then suddenly there is a dispute between them about something, the dispute between them increases so much that one friend gets angry and slaps his friend.

This thing sits in the mind of the other friend that his own friend slapped him on a small matter. And he writes on the sand with his finger – “Today my best friend slapped me hard on a small dispute”.

Since they could not leave each other and travel alone in the desert, they continued the journey and decided that the dispute would be settled once they reached their destination.

Now both started traveling without talking to each other, after walking some distance they saw a lake and they decided to refresh themselves by bathing in that lake.

On the other side of the lake there was a very dangerous swamp which could not be seen. The friend who got slapped swam across the lake, because there was a swamp, so he got stuck there and started drowning.

When his friend saw that his friend was drowning, he also immediately swam to him and tried to save him, after a lot of effort he saved him and brought him to the shore.

Then the one who survived wrote on a big stone on the bank of the lake – “Today my dear friend saved my life”. Then another friend saw him writing on the stone and asked – “When I slapped you, you wrote it on the sand” whereas when I saved your life, you wrote it on the stone, I could not understand that you Why are you writing

Then the friend replied, when someone hurts us or hurts us, we should write it on the sand because where can the wind of time and forgiveness erase it.

But when someone treats us well or treats us well, we should write it on a stone where no one can erase it and remember it forever.

Moral: We should never keep any bad incident in our life sitting in our heart and mind.

10. College Friendship– famous friendship stories

Such a big city and a college in one corner of this city, room no. All that in 12.

In the beginning everyone looked new and innocent. But as time went on, everyone did not hold back from revealing their true nature. Some of these new and innocent people met me and the journey began.

Due to this trip, we met many more, slowly everyone started feeling a sense of belonging. Time passed and so did the day. But who knew at that time that all these new faces would come so close that they would be separated to such an extent that it would not be possible to come back.

To de-stress from the college routine, all of us would meet in the college canteen and one of us would be chosen to foot the canteen bills. Such a way to meet and celebrate birthdays and plan events all in one place. All this has created a new thread between us, which will force everyone to live together.

Early in the morning they left for the lab with their bags and from there to the college teacher classmate class, it all became like a new family. Many times the morning started with a lot of respect (insult) on entering the practical lab. In the lab, everyone used to put ice cubes in their pockets. Well, when one or two companions were involved in this respect, the heart would have been relieved.

Then after the lab, meeting at the college canteen and tea shop had become an important part of our life. Thus slowly the adventure-filled college life was coming to an end. Meanwhile, fresher’s parties in college, farewell parties and those radio commercials would have given us a good chance to meet and spend time together.

When did the sense of belonging peak in this exciting time? Didn’t even realize it.

Now the time has changed to take farewell party instead of giving. Everyone had started preparations for this celebration long back. Everyone had performed well in the last celebration of this college. Finally the time has come when everyone said good bye to each other with moist eyes.

At that time everyone was happy and at the same time the eyes were moist.

Moral: When you go to college you meet new people, some good people, some bad people and some very special people.

Heart Touching Friendship Moral Stories in English

  1. Trust and friendship
  2. Tom and Ben Short Story on Friendship
  3. Two Friends and Sword
  4. I’Mpossible
  5. Friendship and Wealth
  6. Jack and Jill
  7. Friends in the Army
  8. Fred and George
  9. Raju & Tinku
  10. College Friendship

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We hope you will also like our Friendship Moral Stories in English. We told you about the challenges of friendship from childhood. If you like this story then comment us.

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