12 Famous Bedtime Stories for Children to read Online

These stories not only captivate young imaginations but also serve as a soothing and relaxing ritual before bedtime. Famous Bedtime Stories for Kids to Read Online Whether it’s the anticipation of an exciting adventure, the enchantment of magical creatures, or the valuable lessons they impart, famous bedtime stories take children into a world of wonder. has the power to ignite and ignite their creativity.

Famous Bedtime Stories for Children to read Online

So, gather up, cuddle and embark on a journey through the pages of these famous bedtime stories available to read online, Famous Bedtime Stories for Children to read Onlineas they transport you and your child into a magical world, life. Let’s teach important lessons, and create lasting memories that last a lifetime.

Children’s Bedtime Stories

1.Real Friend

In a city there lived a boy named Mike. Mike was a very nice guy. But he was handicapped. He often looked at people and was happy to see them walking. He would have been happy to see his mates play. But when he thought of doing it himself, he would feel sorry for it.

Mike also had two friends. One of whom was named David and the other was named John. David always helped Mike and always came forward to help those who were in trouble. But on the other hand, when it comes to John, he always makes fun of Mike’s disability.

One day Mike suddenly fell down on the way and got hurt by the fall. Seeing John falling like this, John started laughing at him and making fun of him. But suddenly David came and picked up John and helped him. At that point, David reprimanded, “What kind of friend are you? You are laughing seeing your friend in trouble! You should be ashamed of yourself.”

John became silent after hearing this. Even after doing all this, there was no improvement in John’s habit. He then starts making fun of Mike. Seeing this, David and Mike break up with John. They started living separately from him. Now both do not talk to John and stay away from him.

So John started making other friends. But everyone turns away from John. Because his habit had not yet changed. He didn’t stop making fun of others.

Now John was alone and had no friends. In such a situation, John started feeling very sad and he remained sad all the time.

Seeing John’s condition, David and Mike decided to go and talk to him and explain him well. John cried for a while after David and Mike explained and listened to their words. After this he realized that John was very wrong and he should not have done this. Then from that day onwards John never made fun of anyone and started talking nicely. Now Mike, David and John are very good friends and their friendship has lasted for years.

Moral: Good friends always help us in bad times. And we should always choose our friend and we should know who can be our good friend.

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2. Greatest wealth– How to Read Novels Online for Free

A rich man lived in a big city. He had a lot of money and had recently bought a big house in the city. He was very rich in terms of wealth but very poor in terms of body and health.

He worked hard day and night to earn money, but he had absolutely no time for his body. Even after being very rich and earning money, he was surrounded by many new diseases. A rich man lived in a big city. He had a lot of money and had recently bought a big house in the city. He was very rich in terms of wealth but very poor in terms of body and health.

He worked hard day and night to earn money, but he had absolutely no time for his body. Even after being very rich and earning money, he was surrounded by many new diseases.

The man was not selfish, but only that he did not have time to spend money. He started getting used to earning money. He didn’t even get time to go to the doctor. Due to lack of attention, his body was gradually becoming weak.

One day he returned home very tired. Today she was having severe headache so she went straight to her bed. When his servant brought food, he refused to eat tired and went to sleep hungry.

His headache got worse in the middle of the night. He could not get some society to know what was happening. Suddenly a strange figure appeared before her and she became stern and said, “I am your soul and today I am leaving your body forever.”

The man again got nervous and said, “Why are you leaving my body? I have a lot of money and I have worked hard for it all my life. I live in such a big house, that many people only use that house.” can take care of.” Think about their dreams. The spirit said, “Listen to me, this big house is yours, not mine.

My house is your body, which is getting thinner day by day, and has also come under the grip of many diseases. “” I imagine living in a broken hut for many years. Similarly you give your body i.e. my house and I cannot live in it. Having said this, the soul left the human body.

Moral: Our health is our biggest wealth, when we lose it, then we realize it.

3. The Milkman and the Pail

Famous Bedtime Stories for Children to read Online

Once upon a time there was a milkman. He used to milk cows and sell milk filled in buckets. He used to carry two buckets on a stick. When he was roaming in the market to sell milk, a thought came in his mind that what would he do with the money earned by selling milk.

He decided to buy a hen with that money. Then earn more money by selling eggs. He started dreaming that by selling eggs and milk regularly, he would be able to buy a house, a car, a basket of kiwis, a cake, dinner and a dress. He was lost in his dream world.

He didn’t realize that he was happily dancing on the streets and all the milk was spilling on the road. When I regained consciousness, I saw that there was no milk in the bucket. He got upset and started repenting.

Moral: It is important that you focus on your hard work and wait patiently for the result.

4. Pigeon and An Ant– How to Read Stories Online

There was a very nice fruit tree on the bank of the river. A pigeon was sitting on that tree and he was eating the fruit with great pleasure. In such a situation, he saw that a gust of wind came and with that gust of wind an ant fell into the river.

As the ant fell into the river, the ant cried out, “Save me, please help me.”

The pigeon sitting on the tree heard the voice of the ant. Now in such a situation, the pigeon immediately left the fruit and came forward to help the ant. He took a leaf and gave it to the ant. The ant saved his life with the help of that leaf. The ant thanked the pigeon.

A few days later a hunter came to the forest, that hunter laid a net in the forest and after laying the net put some grain in it. The ant was watching the whole incident.

After some time when the pigeon was coming down to feed, the ant thought that I should help him.

Then went into that thing and cut the leg of the hidden hunter forcefully, which made the hunter scream. The pigeon became alert after listening to the hunter and saved himself from the trap.

This is how the ant saved the pigeon’s life

Moral: You will get what you do, similarly the ant also saved the life of the pigeon.

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5. The hunter and the magical bird

Once upon a time there lived a magical bird in the mountains whose beet turned to gold when it fell on the ground. One day a hunter while roaming around saw these golden drops. Excited by his discovery, he set a trap on the bird’s tree to capture it. The bird was caught in the hunter’s net by being oblivious and careless. While the bird repented of his reckless mistake, the hunter dreamed of becoming rich by selling all the gold drops. Then he thought that if he became rich overnight, people would be suspicious. Out of fear, he decided to gift that bird to the king.

The hunter told the king and his ministers about the magical bird. The ministers ridiculed the man for his story. He asked the king to set the bird free and punish the hunter for misleading him. The king freed the bird and it sat down at a nearby gate. Soon, the ministers realized that the hunter was telling the truth when the magical bird’s droppings turned into gold.

The ministers sent men from far and wide to capture the bird, but it was never found. Even though they managed to find the bird, no one was ever successful in catching the bird. The magical bird had learned its lesson and decided never to be reckless again. Thus, she roamed freely till the end of her life.

Moral: Always learn from your mistakes and never repeat them.

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6. The Tortoise and a Hare– Princess Stories to Read Online

Once upon a time in the jungle, a rabbit named Mike was very proud of his speed. He had won many races which made him arrogant. To make fun of Gary the tortoise, he asked, “Dear Gary, let’s go for a run. Even though you know who’s going to win, I’d like to give you a chance.” The tortoise said calmly, “Okay Mike, if you say so, I’ll race with you.”

The animals of the whole jungle gathered together to watch this unique race between the fastest and the slowest. Everyone was laughing at Gary because they knew that no one could beat Mike in the race.

After some time the race started. Mike covered half the distance at his speed in few minutes. Gary was still in the beginning. Mike thought it would take Gary a long time to make up the gap. At that point, I might take a power nap. So he slept under a tree.

Meanwhile, Gary slowly covers the entire distance and wins the race. When Mike woke up, he saw Gary standing at the finish line. Mike gets upset seeing this and realizes his mistake. The whole forest is shocked and cheers for Gary.

Moral: If you focus on work with full dedication, then you will win every race of life like a tortoise.

7. Saving Life

Famous Bedtime Stories for Children to read Online

One day he saw a mouse in his house. The mouse kept coming to the house the whole day and troubling everyone.

The next day the mouse destroyed one of Raju’s books. Raju got very angry seeing his book getting spoiled. He thought that now he would catch the mouse and imprison it. He brought a cage from the market and put delicious fruits inside that cage. After doing this he took the cage and placed it in a place where most of the rats used to come. After doing this, he went to his bed and slept quietly.

The next day he woke up and saw that the mouse was trapped inside the cage. He took the mouse from there and put it in a glass jar. He covered the glass vessel with polythene. He made a small hole in the polythene so that air could pass in and out through that hole. By doing this, that rat will be able to breathe.

After this, Raju noticed that the rat started trying to get out of the pot again and again. That rat would jump again and again and take its mouth near that hole in the polythene. The mouse kept doing this again and again and Raju looked at it carefully. After some time the hole in the polythene gradually got bigger and finally the rat jumped loudly. His neck stuck through that hole. The rat enlarged the hole with the help of his hand and it came out of the polythene hole.

Seeing this, Raju thought that how hardworking the mouse is and how much it struggles to save its life.

Moral: We learn from this story that those who try again and again are never defeated.

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8. Strength in Unity– Short Mystery Stories to Read Online Free

A farmer named John lived in a village. The farmer had 5 children. There was a lot of fighting between those five children and John was very upset to see this. Even after John’s persuasion, they did not listen to him and started fighting among themselves.

Now John was old, and all his sons were grown up.

John’s end times were near. He was worried what would happen to these five after I left? If they keep fighting with each other like this, anyone can ruin them and take advantage of them.

At the last moment, he called the five sons together and said, go get two pieces of wood.

On the advice of the father, the five did the same and all together brought two sticks of wood. After bringing the wooden stick, John asked him to break a wooden stick from his hand.

All the boys broke the sticks in turn. All of them could easily break a single stick of wood.

John told his children that now you collect all five sticks together and make a bundle and break it.

Everyone did the same and made a bundle of five sticks and tried to break it in turn. The elder son tried first but could not break it. He tried to break it with even more force but he could not break it. The other four brothers did the same but no one could break the bundle.

Seeing this, John explained to the five brothers that the way you can break a wooden stick very easily. But when a group of five sticks is formed, you cannot break it even after trying a million times. If you look carefully, you are five different sticks, in which there is no match. If you are together then nothing can harm you and you will always be stronger together.

This is how Bola taught his children the importance of unity. It is seen around us that the one who is alone is considered weak. But if there are five or more people with him, then people think a million times to tease him by thinking of him as powerful and powerful. That is why it is said that there is strength in unity. Children’s stories.

Moral: There is strength in unity. That is why it is said that together we live in unity.

9. Wisdom Tree

Its just matter of one day. A hardworking farmer lived in a village. His name was John. He was so hardworking that people used to name him hardworking.

Now the problem was that according to him, the hard work he put in, he never got that much result. There were many people in the village who used to earn more wealth even after working less. He lived a happy life.

He gets depressed and thinks what should be done so that his life will also become better? How can he live life like others?

After considering all these things, he started feeling sad. By doing this he wasted his whole day.

One day when he was going through the forest. So he sat down tired from a tree. He was cursing himself while sitting under the tree thinking the same things. Then a voice came from the child’s side, “I know the reason of your trouble and I can also tell you how to overcome it.”

Suddenly John got scared hearing that voice. He looked around, but no one was there and he shouted, “Who’s saying that?”

Then a voice came, “I am saying this. Behind you is the tree under which you are sitting. I am a tree that fulfills people’s wishes. And seeing you disappointed, I thought I should fulfill your wish. So tell me what can I do for you? ,

In such a situation, John kept getting nervous for a long time and kept thinking that what is happening? Then after taking some time, John said to that tree, “No one works harder than me, but according to that I do not get much money. So I want to get some wealth so that I can spend my life well. ,

The tree listened to John and told him, “Your wish has come true, you will get all the money you need for the next 30 days and you can use it as you wish.”

John was very happy on the way and went straight towards his house. He saw that the safe of his cupboard was full of money. With that money he bought all such luxuries and spent that money wherever he went. In doing so, he spent the next 30 days hoping and spending money well.

Time was up. He had spent all the money he had and now he did not have a single penny left. In such a situation, John became depressed again and he again started worrying about the things ahead of him.

John then went to that tree. He started telling her that he needed more money and more time so that he could save that money.

Then the tree said to him, “That is your problem that you get money according to your hard work, but you do not save that money and when you get it, you spend it. So that you do not have money left for the future and you start comparing yourself with others. If you look at others, they save their money for future. You should also save it for your future and live a happy life.

Hearing this, John’s eyes were opened and he decided that whatever hard work and money he gets, he will spend it properly and save for his future. Children’s Stories.

Moral: We should always save money for future and always learn how to use money properly?

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10. The Little Pigs– Short Stories to Read Online Free

This is a story of three little pigs named Frank, Pumbaa and Timon. His mother sent him to face the challenges of the real world. All three decided to build their own house.

Frank was lazy and didn’t want to put in too much effort. So he made his house out of straws. Pumbaa was not as lazy as Frank but he also did not work very hard and built a wooden house. The most hardworking of them was Timon. They built a house of stones and bricks.

The two other pigs mocked Timon and said, “You are only wasting your time and energy. You might as well live in a house of straw and wood.” Timon, however, did not listen to them and completed the house.

All three were living happily in their homes. But one day a wolf came to eat the three pigs. He searched and found the pigs hiding in their places. He immediately broke the house made of straw and sticks with his claws and ate two pigs. However, after several attempts, he fails to break into Timon’s house. He got tired and left. House saves Timon’s life.

Moral: Short cuts should never be seen. hard work pays off.

11. The Wicked Crocodile

This is one of the most popular bedtime stories for children, taken from the book Panchatantra. It is about a monkey who lived on a ber tree across the river. He used to enjoy fresh and fruitful plums regularly. Once he saw a crocodile in the river which was sad and hungry.

The monkey gave some berries to the crocodile. The crocodile ate it and became happy. Soon the two animals became good friends. The monkey used to regularly give berries to the crocodile and the crocodile started protecting it from other predators.

Once the monkey fed berries to the crocodile’s wife. When the crocodile gave those berries to his wife, she said, “These berries are sweet. I want to eat the liver of the monkey who eats these berries regularly. That would be sweet. The crocodile became sad but he was left with no option.

He went to the monkey and said, “My wife has invited you for dinner.” The monkey sat on the back of the crocodile and agreed to go to his house. When they reached the middle of the river, the crocodile told the whole thing to the monkey.

The monkey said, “Why are you upset? I have no problem in giving my heart but there is one problem. I have left my heart in the berry tree. Come on, let’s go back and take it to your wife.” The foolish crocodile did not understand his trick and took the monkey to the ber tree. The monkey immediately jumped on the highest branch and saved his life.

Moral: Make friends wisely.

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12. Banana Peel– Bedtime Stories to Read Online Free

Famous Bedtime Stories for Children to read Online

A man named Lallu Ram lived in a city. He was fond of eating different kinds of things. He used to eat a lot throughout the day. Whatever he used to eat, he would throw its peel or paper or polythene in the street. He didn’t know that by doing this the surroundings are getting dirty and one can slip and fall from the peels.

One day, seeing Lallu Ram doing this, a small child stopped him on the way and said, “Hey uncle! Why are you throwing this banana peel like that? Someone will slip and fall on the road and this will affect the environment around us.” It will get dirty. We should throw the garbage in the dustbin only. Wasn’t this taught in your school?”

Lallu Ram did not pay any attention to the child but jokingly told him, “No son, I never went to school. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.”

Lalluram laughed and left from there. But when he was returning to his home in the evening, the same child was playing with his friends nearby. Lalluram was looking at that child. Seeing him Lalluram was smiling, when suddenly his foot fell on a banana peel, which he had thrown in the morning. As soon as he stepped on the banana peel, he slipped and fell down. All the children around started laughing at him.

Again the child came back to him and said, “Uncle I told you not to throw garbage here and there.”

Moral: We should always throw it in the dustbin. This keeps our surrounding environment clean and does not harm others.

List Of Bedtime Stories for Children

  1. Real Friend
  2. Greatest wealth
  3. The Milkman and the Pail
  4. Pigeon and An Ant
  5. The hunter and the magical bird
  6. The Tortoise and a Hare
  7. Saving Life
  8. Strength in Unity
  9. Wisdom Tree
  10. The Little Pigs
  11. The Wicked Crocodile
  12. Banana Peel

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Hope you enjoy these one Famous Bedtime Stories for Children to read Online. Children should read all these stories so that they can get an idea of it. Rather it also becomes a means of entertainment for the elders. Please don’t forget to comment if you liked this story.


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