Crab Story in English

We have written a moral story for you, which is very fun for you, which you can understand were good things, Crab Story, it is our effort to make you understand the story in very simple words. You will feel great after reading the story.

Crab Story

Crab Story who will help in imparting moral education to your children, it is our endeavor that more and more people get education. Good things should be told to people through our posts.

Crab Story

Once upon a time there were three crabs. Daddy Crab, Mommy Crab and Baby Crab.

They lived in a rocky pond by the sea. Twice a day, the tide would come and fill their rock pools with fresh seawater.

“What’s outside our rock pool?” the little crab asked one day.

“Danger,” replied Daddy Crab, there are seagulls and other things that will eat you.

“Okay, I want to see.” said the baby crab.

“No, you should stay here.” The mother crab replied. “You don’t want to go looking, you might get lost.”

But the baby crab was a mischievous crab, he waited until both his parents were asleep under their rocks and the tide was in, and then he went to the top of the rock pool. He slipped and suddenly fell into another pond.

He looked around and there were fluttering red things sitting on the rocks. he waved.

The red things just kept waving. How foolish he thought.

He went to one and touched the red arm. Arms suddenly shot inside.

“Hello,” she said. The red wavy things kept ignoring him.

Suddenly he realized he was all alone and the red wavy things didn’t look friendly anymore, they looked scary. “Mommy, Dad,” he growled, but there was no answer. Suddenly he saw a large orange object slowly coming towards him.

“Where’s my baby?” screamed the mommy crab when she woke up the next morning, sifting through the sand, getting ready for a good morning of feeding.

“I’ll ask Barnacle?” Daddy Crab said. He wandered into the nearest cluster of barnacles. “Hey Barnacle, did you see our son last night?”

“We never saw anything, we’ve been filter-feeding all night,” said a barnacle.

“You know we leave each other alone. It’s the first rule of rock pool, we leave you alone and you leave us alone.”

“I think I must have seen him going to the next pool,” said a barnacle.

“Hmmm,” said Daddy Crab. “I’ll go and see.”

He went back to the mother crab. “One of the barnacles thinks he may have seen him wandering into the next rock pool.”

“That’s the place…”

“Yeah, that’s where the starfish live.”

“You’ll have to go get her.” said the mother crab.

“Yeah right you stay here, keep an eye out for the seagulls. Since it’s not high tide now, I’ll have to go… overland.”

“Well be careful. I love you.”

“Love you,” said Daddy Crab, walking up to the edge of the rock pool.

Keeping a watchful eye out for seagulls, he left his pool and made a dash for the next pool.

He saw some sea anemones waving. There’s no point in asking them, everyone knows that anemones can’t speak. Where was the starfish now and more importantly where was her son.

Suddenly the voice of “Dad” came.

Daddy crab saw his son running towards him. “Son, we were worried, your mother is beside herself with worry.”

“Sorry Dad, I wanted to see what’s beyond our rock pool.”

“Ah son, we never told you but there lives a starfish. It can eat you.”

“The starfish won’t eat you. It’s my friend.”

“Now don’t be silly son, we can’t be friends with starfish, they only have five legs. We have eight. Come back with me, we have to hurry, because there may be seagulls.”

“Will the seagull be my friend?”

“No, the seagulls will eat you now. Follow me.”

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“Goodbye,” cried the baby crab.

Daddy Crab is suddenly revealed to be waving an orange arm back. Starfish whatever next.

The two crabs walk back to the edge of the rock pool.

Daddy Crab took a look; There were no seagulls. “Now son, run, run as fast as you can. Don’t look back. We need to move fast because we don’t want the seagulls to eat us.”

The baby crab ran out of the rock pool, over the rocks and back into its home pool and into the welcoming paws of its mother. “Ah son,” said the mother crab, tears welling up in her eyes, but since she was already in the water, she didn’t.

“I’m so glad to see you. Where’s your dad?”

“I’m here.” Papa Crab replied.

“Now don’t ever do that again, not until you become a big crab and can’t sting the seagull.” Crab’s mother scolded.

“I won’t,” said the baby crab, looking at the rock pool in the other direction.

Moral:- Excessive greed can land us in many troubles. It can even make life difficult.

Crab Story with Pictures

Crab Story

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