Be Different Story in English

We have written a moral story for you, which is very fun for you, which you can understand were good things, Be Different Story, it is our effort to make you understand the story in very simple words. You will feel great after reading the story.

Be Different Story

Be Different Story who will help in imparting moral education to your children, it is our endeavor that more and more people get education. Good things should be told to people through our posts.

Be Different Story

One of life’s greatest challenges is being yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else. For research, scientists kept 5 monkeys in a cage, with a ladder in the middle and bananas on top. Every time a monkey climbed the ladder, the scientist doused the rest of the monkeys with cold water. After some time, whenever a monkey tried to climb the ladder, the others started beating him. After some time, none of the monkeys dared to climb the ladder despite the temptation. The scientists then decided to switch to a monkey.

As expected, the new monkey was immediately tempted and beaten by the others. After several spankings, this new member learned not to climb the ladder, even though he never learned the real reason. Then another monkey was brought and the same thing happened. The first monkey participated in beating the second monkey.

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The replacement continued until only one group of 5 monkeys remained in the cage. Even though the new group of monkeys never got a cold shower, they continued to beat any monkey that attempted to climb the ladder. If you ask a new monkey why it was spanked, its answer is probably, “Well, how do I know. I guess that’s how things are done around here!”

You’ll never make an impact on the world if you keep doing things the way they’ve always been done. Be different create chaos Leave behind an echo!

Moral:- You’ll never make an impact on the world if you keep doing things the way they’ve always been done. Be apart create chaos. Leave behind an echo!

Be Different Story with Pictures

Be Different Story

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