Angry Snake Story in English

We have written a moral story for you, which is very fun for you, which you can understand were good things, Angry Snake Story, it is our effort to make you understand the story in very simple words. You will feel great after reading the story.

Angry Snake Story

Angry Snake Story who will help in imparting moral education to your children, it is our endeavor that more and more people get education. Good things should be told to people through our posts.

Angry Snake Story

A carpenter closed his workshop and went home. While he is gone, a poisonous snake enters his workshop. The snake was hungry and was hoping that its food was hidden somewhere inside. It kept sliding from one end to the other. In the end it was hit by an ax and was very slightly injured. Out of anger and revenge, the snake bit the snake with full force. What effect can a metal ax have on a snake bite? On the contrary, blood started flowing from the snake’s mouth.

Out of anger and arrogance, the snake tried its best to strangle and kill the metal axe—the object that was causing him pain by wrapping itself around the axe. The next day the carpenter opened the workshop. He found the dead snake coiled around the blade of the axe. The snake didn’t die here because of someone’s fault.

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But it faced these consequences only because of its anger and rage. Sometimes in anger we try to harm others. But as time goes by, we realize that we did more harm to ourselves. It is not necessary that we react to everything. Step back and ask yourself if the matter is really worth responding to.

Moral:- Many times we make assumptions based on our limited understanding, which can lead to misunderstanding and loss.

Angry Snake Story with Pictures

Angry Snake Story

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