10 Lines Poem on Nature in English For Children

Hi, In this post, I give you 10 Lines Poem on Nature. I know many of you finding this term on the internet about on Nature, So, I create this post, from which I give you the best 10 lines on this topic.

10 Lines Poem on Nature

10 Lines Poem on Nature

Nature is like our real mother who never harms us but takes care of us. Early morning walk in the lap of nature makes us healthy and strong and it also keeps us away from many fatal diseases like diabetes, permanent heart attack, high blood pressure, liver problems, digestive problems, infections, brain problems etc.

5 Lines on Nature for Kids – Set (1)

  1. Nature is very attractive and full of my favorite color green.
  2. It provides us air to breathe, water to drink, soil to build houses and land to live on.
  3. Nature is what we see and feel around us.
  4. I am happy to interact with nature and also happy to be a part of this earth.
  5. Nature is like our mother who does not scold us until we do something wrong.

10 Lines Poem of Nature – Set (2)

  1. Nature has existed long before humans.
  2. Nature has a biological system consisting of biotic and abiotic sections.
  3. Nature includes forests, slopes, streams, seas, deserts, climate, etc.
  4. Atmosphere, atmosphere and climate are subordinate to nature and are essential for us.
  5. All biotic and abiotic components are interconnected and a part of nature.
  6. Earth is the only known planet which is the basis of life and has sufficient stamina in nature.
  7. Nature equips us with assets like water, air, food to meet our needs and wants.
  8. The physical and materialistic world around us which is not man-made in nature.
  9. Even all the micro-organisms and crawling creatures are also an important part of nature.
  10. It is only because of the presence of nature here that life on earth can be imagined.

10 Lines Poem on Nature for Kids – Set (3)

  1. Trees and forests are the basic parts of nature which give oxygen.
  2. Nature gives viable climate and important resources for tolerance like air, water, soil etc.
  3. The fluttering of winged creatures, the humming of creeping creepers, and the rustling of leaves are nature’s cues to loosen up our brains.
  4. Nature helps in enriching the biological system and biodiversity of our planet by giving all the important properties.
  5. Nature’s wild response over the years has made us understand that we cannot stop the destruction of wildlife if it will boost human endurance.
  6. Besides, nature is the prime source of food; Whether it’s dairy, grains, organic products, or nuts; It all comes from Mother Nature.
  7. The clothes we wear to cover our bodies and protect us from adverse weather conditions also come from nature.
  8. Water is one of the essential prerequisites for all known forms of life, and nature has given it to us in a huge amount.
  9. Man’s selfishness and gluttony have made nature helpless in the face of increasing pollution.
  10. The environmental factors we live in, the regular properties we burn or the food we eat are all part of nature.

15 Lines Poem on Nature for School Students

  1. We should keep our nature healthy and calm.
  2. Nature includes climate, environmental factors, and biological mechanisms.
  3. We should enjoy nature without disturbing its balance.
  4. It also helps in providing the raw material for the economic and financial development of a nation.
  5. Although industrialization and innovative progress have changed our lives, yet have done impressive mischief to the invincible power of our lives.
  6. Nature plays an important role in the sustenance of untamed life by providing shelter, food and space.
  7. Nature is also a major source of Ayurvedic medicines used for millennia for the treatment of various 4 common and fatal diseases.
  8. Nature is our best friend. We should plant and nurture it to keep it healthy.
  9. The opportunity has come to conserve nature and maintain harmony between biological systems and biodiversity.
  10. Nature gives us fruits, vegetables and grains to eat.
  11. Mother Nature provides us with everything we need for our endurance, and it is our prime duty to restore her kindness and do whatever we can to ensure and support her.
  12. Nature is a precious and remarkable gift given to us by God.
  13. Mother Nature has been degraded due to the impact of man-made practices.
  14. Global warming, climate change, earthquakes, floods are just a few of the results of average corruption by human practices.
  15. Many activities are carried out by public authority and non-governmental organizations to protect nature and save nature from further devastation.

FAQ on Nature

Q1: What is nature?

A1: Nature refers to the physical world, including plants, animals, landscapes, and natural phenomena, encompassing everything that exists outside of human-made creations.

Q2: Why is nature important?

A2: Nature is crucial for sustaining life on Earth. It provides essential resources, such as clean air, water, food, and medicine, while offering solace, inspiration, and a sense of interconnectedness.

Q4: What are the benefits of spending time in nature?

A4: Spending time in nature has numerous benefits, including stress reduction, improved mental well-being, increased physical activity, enhanced creativity, and a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

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