10 Lines on Spider in English for Students & Kids

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10 Lines on Spider in English

10 Lines on Spider in English

Arthropoda is an animal of the phylum. It is a type of insect. Its body is divided into cephalothorax and abdomen. Its abdomen is segmentless and appendages are not attached. Four pairs of legs are attached to its head. In this respiration is done by book-lungs. It has a pouch in its abdomen, from which a sticky substance is released, from which it weaves webs. It is a carnivorous animal. Traps insects and eats them.

5 Lines on Spider – Set (1)

  1. Mostly they have eight eyes.
  2. They have two body segments and eight legs.
  3. Spiders eat small insects and other arthropods.
  4. Spiders weave webs to catch insects or prey.
  5. Spiders can live in every habitat except water bodies.

10 lines on spider in English – Set (2)

  1. The spider is one of the most bizarre creatures in the species of insects.
  2. Spider has eight legs and more than two eyes.
  3. Spiders are carnivores and they prey on insects, flies etc.
  4. Spiders have a silk gland in their body from which they make webs.
  5. It makes nets for hunting.
  6. Spider’s web is very sticky, so small insects, flies etc. get trapped in the web.
  7. The spider covers the trapped fly with its web and fills it with a special liquid.
  8. Then in the same way after a few days it is eaten again, by this process the spider eats its food.
  9. The spider has no teeth, so it fills its prey with digestive liquid, then sucks and drinks.
  10. The average life span of a spider is about one to two years.

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10 Lines and Sentences on Spider – Set (3)

  1. Spiders have symbolic meaning in many arts and mythologies and are considered symbols of patience and strength.
  2. Spider-Man is one of the most favorite superheroes of children in comics and movies.
  3. Spiders use camouflage techniques to protect themselves from predators such as birds and bees.
  4. Spiders have four to eight pairs of eyes that aid in navigation and hunting.
  5. Tarantulas, a species of spider, are a source of food for the Cambodian people.
  6. The venom of the spider has medicinal benefits which are used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and heart failure.
  7. Hummingbirds use spider webs to build their nests.
  8. The bite of female black widow spiders is dangerous to humans.
  9. Spiders cannot extend their legs outward after they have pulled inward; They forcefully pump the watery liquid to push them out.
  10. “Bagheera kiplingi” is the only species of spiders which is herbivorous in nature and all the others are carnivores.

20 lines on spider man – Set (4)

  1. Spiders are air-breathing arthropod species that are widespread throughout the world except Antarctica.
  2. About 48000 species of spiders are found all over the world.
  3. They can kill millions of prey every year and eat more insects than birds.
  4. According to a scientific estimate, spiders originated about 400 million years ago.
  5. Spider has eight legs and it belongs to the insect family.
  6. Almost all species of spiders are carnivores; Only one species named Bagheera kiplingi is vegetarian.
  7. Spider’s blood is blue like snail’s because spider’s blood contains copper instead of iron.
  8. Most species of spiders make webs, but some species do not.
  9. Most spiders are not venomous but some species of spiders are venomous.
  10. The spider’s web is very strong and if the spider’s web is made equal to the thickness of a pencil, it can stop even a flying plane.
  11. Very few species of spiders (widow spiders) are social in nature.
  12. It has a pouch in its stomach from which a sticky substance emerges from which it weaves webs.
  13. Spider eggs are found in a small sac woven from tiny threads attached to an unused corner of the house or attic.
  14. Spiders can survive underwater for hours by entering a self-induced coma.
  15. Spiders are scared of ants because they contain formic acid which ants like to eat.
  16. Some spiders are harmless to humans, while others are dangerous. 10) They are an important part of the food web and help control insect populations.
  17. With the help of hair, they are able to feel the scent and while climbing the wall, the hair also helps in holding them.
  18. A female spider can lay over 3,000 eggs at a time.
  19. Spiders cannot see very far, but some species can see light that humans cannot, such as UVA and UVB light.
  20. In some species, the size of the male spider is much smaller than that of the female spider.

FAQ On Spider

Q1: What is a spider?

A1: A spider is an arachnid with eight legs, known for its ability to spin webs to catch prey.

Q2: What are some common types of spiders?

A2: Common types of spiders include the black widow, brown recluse, tarantula, orb-weaver, and jumping spiders.

Q3: How do spiders catch their prey?

A3: Spiders catch their prey by spinning intricate webs or using their speed and agility to hunt them down.

Q4: Are all spiders venomous?

A4: While most spiders possess venom, not all spiders are dangerous to humans. Only a few species have venom that can cause harm.

Q5: What is the lifespan of a spider?

A5: The lifespan of a spider varies depending on the species. Some spiders live for a few months, while others can live for several years.

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