10 Lines on Republic Day of India Celebration in English

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10 Lines on Republic Day of India

10 Lines on Republic Day of India

Every countryman celebrates Republic Day every year on 26th January with full enthusiasm. This year the country will celebrate its 74th Republic Day. On this special occasion, a grand parade is also held on the Rajpath from India Gate to Rashtrapati Bhavan every year. Various regiments of the Indian Army, Air Force, Navy etc take part in this parade. Perhaps this question would come in your mind that why do we celebrate Republic Day only on 26th January and why not on any other day. There is very interesting history behind it. Do you know that before independence, the Independence Day of the country was celebrated on some other day. Here we have brought for you some interesting things related to Republic Day.

5 Lines on Republic Day – Set (1)

  1. On 26th January we celebrate Republic Day every year continuously in India.
  2. The constitution was started by our freedom fighters in 1950.
  3. India turned into a secular and law based or democratic nation on this day.
  4. All workplaces and organizations remain closed on this day as this day is a national occasion.
  5. Schools, universities and other educational institutions celebrate this day with incredible parades and shows.

10 Lines on Republic Day for Kids – Set (2)

  1. Every year since 1950, 26 January is celebrated as Republic Day in India.
  2. It is celebrated by people of all religions with enthusiasm and gaiety.
  3. The celebrations begin with the flag hoisting ceremony by the President in New Delhi.
  4. Soldiers and civilians are awarded for their bravery by the President.
  5. A grand Republic Day parade is organized by the Ministry of Defense of India in New Delhi.
  6. India invites chief guests from abroad to attend the Republic Day celebrations.
  7. The tableau presented in the parade gives a glimpse of the culture of all the states.
  8. Republic Day is celebrated by hoisting the national flag in all educational institutions, government/private offices followed by a set of cultural activities.
  9. Activities like essay writing, singing and dancing competitions are also organized in schools.
  10. Republic Day celebration inculcates the feeling of patriotism in every citizen of the country.

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10 Lines on Republic Day Celebration – Set (3)

  1. Every year we celebrate the national festival of Republic Day in India on 26 January.
  2. The first Republic Day was celebrated by all Indians on January 26, 1950.
  3. Our constitution was started on this day and hence this day is important for the Indians.
  4. Our constitution is the most important creative constitution in the world.
  5. Our constitution accommodated equality and made our nation a “majority rule republic”.
  6. A grand Republic Day celebration is held in New Delhi for three consecutive days.
  7. India has demonstrated its rich heritage and solid deterrence capability.
  8. Indian forces including the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force participate in this procession.
  9. Programs are organized in schools and open places where individuals sing the national anthem – “Jana Gana Mana”.
  10. We remember our national heroes or freedom fighters who fought so much for our country, especially Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, who wrote the draft of the Constitution of India.

20 Lines on Republic Day of India – Set (4)

  1. India displays its military capability by displaying tanks, missiles and war planes in the parade.
  2. Citizens across the country watch the Republic Day celebrations on their TVs and feel a great sense of pride and patriotism.
  3. Children participate in essay writing, parade, dance, singing, games and sports programs to celebrate Republic Day in schools.
  4. The President conferred gallantry awards to gallant soldiers of the armed forces who had displayed a high act of bravery.
  5. Padma Awards and Bravery Awards are announced by the government every year on Republic Day for the citizens.
  6. Republic Day is also celebrated in various states of India where the governor unfurls the national flag and takes the salute from the parade.
  7. Celebrating Republic Day by people from different communities strengthens the unity and sovereignty of the country.
  8. The Beating Retreat ceremony is held every year at Raisina Hill, New Delhi on 29 January at the end of the Republic Day celebrations.
  9. The Beating Retreat ceremony features bands from all three wings of the armed forces performing before the President of India and other dignitaries.
  10. Republic Day celebration is considered as the fulfillment of the hopes and aspirations of the nation with skill, effort and responsibility.
  11. Republic Day is one of the major national festivals of India, which is celebrated with great pride and patriotism throughout the country.
  12. The day commemorates one of the biggest historical events of India when the ‘Constitution of India’ came into force.
  13. The country celebrates this day by organizing various events and activities based on the Indian freedom struggle.
  14. National flag hoisting ceremony is organized in schools, colleges and private/public offices and many cultural programs are organized.
  15. States celebrate Republic Day by hoisting the national flag in their capital, singing the national anthem and organizing parades by cadets and police departments.
  16. The highlight of the Republic Day celebrations is seen at Rajpath in New Delhi where the President of India unfurls the tricolor and receives a guard of honor from the armed forces.
  17. Contingents of the three wings of the armed forces march to the tune of their bands in the Republic Day parade at Rajpath.
  18. The country displays its military capabilities to the world through the most modern weapons and weapon systems.
  19. The states showcase their rich cultural and religious heritage through their tableaux and folk songs and dances in the parade.
  20. The Republic Day celebrations painted the country in the tricolor of patriotism, peace and prosperity.

FAQ On Republic Day of India

Q1: What is Republic Day?

A1: Republic Day is a national holiday in India celebrated on January 26th to commemorate the adoption of the Indian Constitution.

Q2: Why is Republic Day celebrated?

A2: Republic Day is celebrated to honor the day when India became a sovereign republic, with its own constitution and democratic governance.

Q3: How is Republic Day celebrated in India?

A3: Republic Day is celebrated with grandeur, including a parade in New Delhi showcasing the country’s military strength, cultural performances, and the unfurling of the national flag.

Q4: Who participates in the Republic Day parade?

A4: The Republic Day parade features contingents from the Indian Army, Navy, Air Force, various states, cultural groups, and special performances by school children.

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