10 Lines On Lucknow In English for Kids & Students

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10 Lines On Lucknow

10 Lines On Lucknow

Lucknow is the capital of Uttar Pradesh and it has always been a multicultural city. The courtly manners, beautiful gardens, poetry, music and fine food patronized by the city’s Persian-loving Shia Nawabs are well received by Indians and students of South Asian culture and history. Is known. Lucknow is popularly known as the City of Nawabs. It is also known as Golden City of the East, Shiraz-e-Hind and Constantinople of India

5 Lines On lucknow – Set (1)

  1. The area of Lucknow city is 631 km2.
  2. Lucknow is located in Uttar Pradesh.
  3. The height of Lucknow city is 123 meters.
  4. People of Lucknow generally use Hindi language.
  5. Samyukta Bhatia is the present Mayor of Lucknow.

10 Lines On Lucknow for Kids – Set (2)

  1. Lucknow is one of the most bicycle friendly cities in Uttar Pradesh.
  2. Lucknow is located near the city of Kanpur and has an area of 631 square kilometers.
  3. National highways pass through Lucknow such as NH24, NH27 and NH30.
  4. Lucknow district is administered by the Lucknow police range as well as the Lucknow police zone, and the Lucknow zone is headed by an IPS officer in the rank of Additional Director General.
  5. Janeshwar Mishra Park is a center of tourist attraction in Lucknow. It is an urban park located in the Gomti Nagar area.
  6. There are many best rated hotels in Lucknow which include Hyatt Regency, Golden Tulip, Clarks Avadh, Radisson Lucknow City St, etc.
  7. Lucknow’s buildings display a variety of architectural styles, with many iconic buildings built during the Mughal and British periods.
  8. Bara Imambara is a popular historical place in Lucknow. It is also known as the Asafi Imambara and was built by Asaf-ud-Daula, the Nawab of Awadh, in the year 1784.
  9. The population of the Lucknow urban agglomeration exceeded one million in the year 1981, and stood at 2.24 million as of the 2001 census.
  10. Seth MR Jaipuria School, La Martiniere Girls School, Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, City Montessori School, Loreto Convent School are some of the best schools in Lucknow.

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10 Lines On lucknow In English – Set (3)

  1. Lucknow has the largest Shia Muslim population in India.
  2. Lucknow was known as Laxmanpur or Lakhanpur in ancient times.
  3. Barabanki, Rae Bareli, Unnao, Hardoi and Sitapur are the border towns of Lucknow.
  4. Urdu is the second most widely spoken language in Lucknow after Hindi.
  5. The city of Lucknow is associated with traditional chikan embroidery.
  6. Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, is a large city located in the northern part of India.
  7. Bhool Bhulaiya, Rumi Darwaza, Bada Imambara, Ambedkar Park etc. are centers of attraction in Lucknow.
  8. The city is also known as the ‘City of Nawabs’ because it was ruled by the Nawabs for a long time.
  9. Among many other cities in India, Lucknow is considered to be the 17th fastest growing city and 74th worldwide.
  10. Lucknow played an important role in India’s independence movement and was also the center of the Indian Rebellion of 1857.

10 Lines on My City Lucknow for Class 2 – Set (4)

  1. The sex ratio of Lucknow is 915/1000.
  2. It is very cold in the city of Lucknow.
  3. The population density of Lucknow is 5,500/km.
  4. Wajid Ali Shah was the last Nawab of Lucknow.
  5. The beautiful city still gives you that Nawabi feel which makes it unique.
  6. Awadhi is the regional language of Lucknow.
  7. This city is also known as the beginning of the Khilafat movement.
  8. The popularity of Lucknow is its hospitality and courtesy.
  9. Earlier the city was known as Muslim-centric due to its sizeable Muslim population.
  10. Lucknow recorded a smaller amount of forest cover of about 5.66 per cent.
  11. The Municipal Corporation of Lucknow is in charge of civic activities in the city.
  12. It is said that the foundation of Lucknow was laid by Lakshman, the brother of Lord Rama.
  13. Lucknow is also famous for a variety of mangoes, especially Dussehri mangoes.
  14. There are many tourist places in Lucknow, including Bara Imambara, Chhattar Manzil, Hazratganj Bazar, Ram Manohar Lohia Park, Chhota Imambara etc.
  15. The Kakori incident took place in Lucknow during the Indian independence movement.
  16. Dilkusha Kothi is one of the historical places of Lucknow.
  17. The population of Lucknow is 3,500,000 and also the population density of Lucknow is 5,500/km2.
  18. Mirza Dabir, Mir Babar Ali Anees are some of the famous Urdu poets belonging to the city of Lucknow.
  19. Diwali, Book Fair, Holi, Karwa Chauth, Dussehra, Vridavan Sharadotsav are the cultural festivals celebrated by the people in Lucknow.
  20. Lucknow has many areas and small towns like Lucknow, Indira Nagar, Chinhat, Rajajipuram, Jankipuram, Gomti Nagar etc.

FAQ On Lucknow

Q1: What is Lucknow?

A1: Lucknow is a city in northern India, known for its rich history, cultural heritage, and architectural marvels.

Q2: What are some popular attractions in Lucknow?

A2: Popular attractions in Lucknow include the Bara Imambara, Chota Imambara, Rumi Darwaza, Lucknow Zoo, and Hazratganj shopping area.

Q3: What is Lucknow known for?

A3: Lucknow is known for its exquisite cuisine, especially Awadhi cuisine, as well as its elegant architecture, traditional crafts, and vibrant cultural festivities.

Q4: Is Lucknow a historically significant city?

A4: Yes, Lucknow has a rich historical significance as it served as the capital of the Awadh region and witnessed significant events during the Indian independence movement.

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