10 Lines on Holi in English for Students & Kids

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10 Lines on Holi in English

10 Lines on Holi

Holi festival is a very popular festival of the people of Hindu religion, which is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over India. Holi is celebrated for two days in which Holika Dahan is done on the first day which is called Chhoti Holi and on the second day Holi is celebrated in which this festival is celebrated with colors. All of us come together and celebrate the festival of colors.

5 Lines on Holi

  1. In Holi, people play with colors.
  2. People look colorful on this day.
  3. Several delicious sweets are cooked on Holi.
  4. Holi usually falls in March.
  5. It is among the major festivals of Hindus.

10 Lines on Holi for School Students

  1. It is a Hindu festival celebrated in March every year, and it is the peak of the summer season in the country.
  2. Holi is celebrated for five days, and the ‘Rang Panchami’ is the last day’s name.
  3. During the time of Holi, many stories are narrated; the stories are also a part of the celebration.
  4. In many stories, it is a saying that Radha and Krishna started celebrating Holi in their village, Vrindavan.
  5. One of the most popular sweets that are distributed during Holi is ‘Gujiya.’
  6. A night before the anniversary of Holi, there is a ritual performed called ‘Holika Danan.’
  7. Holi is a festival that is celebrated all over India in a pleased and joyous way.
  8. It is a festival which brings people together, and it brings peace and harmony among people.
  9. Holi is a festival when people spread love and stay united as they come together to play the festival.
  10. There are two ways in which Holi is played, in the morning Holi is played with water which is mixed with colors, in the evening, Holi is played with dry pigments, mostly a pink one called Gulaal.

10 Lines On Holi In English

  1. It was also celebrates at the time of Bhagwan Shri Krishna.
  2. Puranpoli is the one attractive sweet during holi in the Maharashtra.
  3. Holi is a popular Indian festival in which peoples are celebrates on ten days.
  4. Peoples wears white colors clothes and applies the colors on each other.
  5. Holi festival also shows that end of the winter season and starting of the spring season.
  6. Holi is festival of hindu religion but it is celebrated all over world by all religion peoples.
  7. Holi is the festival of happiness which shows that winning of the god on the evil.
  8. Kids hits each other by water baloon filled with colors, uses water guns to spray the water.
  9. It’s way of celebration is different in the different regions.
  10. Before night of holi, peoples are celebrates the Holika Dahan with burning the Holika. Then peoples comes near bonfire and prays that their internal evil or bad things be destroyed.

10 Lines on Holi for Kids

  1. Holi is a pleased and joyous festival that makes everyone happy.
  2. According to the religious texts, the playing of the celebration of Holi was started by Radha and Krishna.
  3. People make a huge bonfire and perform the various ceremonies, and that is how ‘Holika Danan’ is shown.
  4. Holi is one of the festivals celebrated in India, mainly by the Hindu every year.
  5. There is a tradition of singing songs in North India as a way of celebrating Holi.
  6. Many unique sweets are made for Holi, and one of the most common ones is ‘Gujiya.’
  7. Different states of India celebrate Holi in different ways, and each celebration is unique and beautiful.
  8. A day before Holi, a ritual is performed called the ‘Holika Danan,’ it is an important ritual that everyone plays.
  9. On the day of Holi, people meet their family, and friends apply color on each other as a celebration.
  10. March is the month that Holi is mostly celebrated in the country, sometimes the festival is celebrated for more than two days,

10 Lines on Holi in English for Class 4

  1. Peoples are wear the white colors cloths and plays with colors.
  2. This festival also celebrates as welcome to beautiful spring season.
  3. Peoples uses all colors pink, purple, yellow, orange, red, green which are organics.
  4. Holi is popular festival in Hindu religion. This festival is also know as the Festival of colors.
  5. On the every year, peoples celebrates this festival in the march month.
  6. Peoples celebrates festival with sweets, one of popular is ‘Gujiya’ and also peoples drinks famous drink known as ‘Thandai’.
  7. In this festivals, the adults are celebrates by applying colors on each other faces and spreads the love.
  8. Holi is the cultural festival celebrates in Hindu religion which shows the winning of god against evils.
  9. Peoples enjoys this holi festival with joyful with dancing , singing, eating variety of sweets.
  10. Children’s are joyfully plays with colors and toy known as ‘Pichkari’ which is filled with water. Children’s are plays with Pichkari by sprays this water on each water.

10 Lines on Holi for Higher Class Students

  1. Adults celebrate Holi by applying colors on each other’s faces and celebrating unity, warmth, and love.
  2. You can witness the real unity and kindness among people in the evening when people gather and sing and dance on traditional folk songs.
  3. There are three main reasons why the festival is celebrated- one, the victory of good over evil, two, truth over lies and happiness over sadness.
  4. Holi is also celebrated as a way of welcoming the season of flowers, joy, and comfort, which will come ahead.
  5. Holi is a festival celebrated in March by people all over the country, and each state has a different way of celebrating the festival.
  6. Holi is a festival during which there is joy, warmth, love, and enthusiasm in the air because of everyone in the mood of celebrations.
  7. Many different delicacies are prepared, especially for this festival, and the most popular sweet is ‘Gujiya,’ and the most popular drink is ‘Thandai.’
  8. There are many different colors in which Holi is played, each color used symbolizes a different emotion.
  9. Children usually play the Holi by filling up a popular toy known as the ‘Pichakari’ with which they fill water and spray it on other people.
  10. One of the most popular beliefs is that during Holi, enemies turn into friends, they sort of their issues and celebrate the festival together.
10 Lines on Holi in English

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