10 Lines On Child Marriage In English for Students & Kids

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10 Lines on Child Marriage in English

What is Child Marriage in Simple Words

According to the law, marrying any child before a certain age, that is, in the minor age of the children, is child marriage. This is a conservative practice, which has been named child marriage. It ends the human rights of children. In which their childhood is taken away from them and they are put in such a bondage, about which they have absolutely no knowledge. They don’t even know what is happening to them. The victims of this practice are mostly young girls. Because in this, not only a young girl is married to a young boy, but also a young girl is married to a much older boy. This has serious side effects on their whole life physically and mentally.

10 Lines On Child Marriage In English

5 Lines on Child Marriage – Set (1)

  1. Child marriage was like ruining the childhood of two children.
  2. Child marriage has not been beneficial to the society in any way.
  3. Child marriage refers to the marriage of two children at an early age.
  4. In child marriage, the girl was not physically and mentally prepared to take up the responsibility of a wife.
  5. It was found in ancient times and in almost every community and religion.

10 Lines on Child Marriage in English – Set (2)

  1. Child marriage has almost disappeared from the world.
  2. Child marriage became illegal in India only after 1929.
  3. In those days it was a very important and sacred ritual.
  4. The Government of India has fixed the minimum age of marriage for girls at 18 years and for boys at 21 years.
  5. Now the world has come to know that child marriage is not good for the couple as well as for the society.
  6. Most of the girls were subjected to domestic violence under child marriage.
  7. There was no minimal change in children for marriage.
  8. Almost every continent was cursed with the tradition of child marriage.
  9. Most of its practice took place in ancient civilizations.
  10. Factors like poverty, dowry and illiteracy, religious, cultural and family pressure were strong reasons for child marriage then.

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10 Lines on Child Marriage for Children’s – Set (3)

  1. Marriage of a girl to a boy also comes under this.
  2. Many health problems arise in girls due to early marriage.
  3. Many great personalities like Raja Ram Mohan Roy raised their voice against this sin.
  4. It can be the marriage of a girl to a man or an adult.
  5. This act has been described as a violation of human rights.
  6. Child marriage is the act of marrying a child before the age of 18.
  7. Child marriage refers to the marriage of children.
  8. Child marriage increased women’s crime, harmed their health and also resulted in death.
  9. One out of every five girls becomes a victim of this social evil.
  10. The age of marriage can be different in different countries.

20 lines on child marriage for school – Set (4)

  1. The girl child is the worst sufferer of this evil.
  2. This clearly shows gender inequality.
  3. Comprehensive sex education can be a preventive measure for this social evil.
  4. Child marriage is a social evil in the society.
  5. People get them married at an early age and are freed from their responsibilities.
  6. The Sarada Act of 1929 made child marriage an illegal practice.
  7. Many child brides become victims of domestic violence.
  8. The main reason for this social evil is poverty, illiteracy and dowry.
  9. In India, more than 15 million girls are married before the age of 19, and around 33,000 girls are married every day around the world.
  10. Child marriage has also been practiced in many areas as a part of their culture.
  11. About 5.2 million children are born to girls between the ages of 15-19, and about 780,000 children are born to girls in India.
  12. The study found an inability to furnish legally valid consent; Girls are married at a very young age and are found to be more vulnerable to violence and sexual exploitation.
  13. It is commonly practiced in different regions of the world.
  14. According to reports, most Indian child brides come from low-income families and are usually from rural areas with low education.
  15. According to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), by 2020, more than 145 million girls will be married and become child brides.
  16. Reportedly, pregnancy and childbirth complications are the leading cause of death among young women aged 15-19.
  17. Statistics show that more than six million children are born to girls under the age of 19 in India. One in six girls aged 15-19 has started childbearing.
  18. In many societies, daughters are considered a burden.
  19. The number of women who died during pregnancy and childbirth decreased slightly from 254 in 2006 to 210 in 2009.
  20. According to UNICEF, one-third of the world’s child brides are from India. According to UNICEF, the top 5 countries in the world with the highest child marriage rates are Niger (75%), Chad (72%), Mali (71%), Bangladesh (64%) and Guinea (63%). ,
10 Lines on Child Marriage in English

FAQ On Child Marriage

Q1: What is child marriage?

A1: Child marriage is the practice of marrying children, usually below the age of 18, violating their rights and well-being.

Q2: Why is child marriage considered a problem?

A2: Child marriage is considered a problem because it denies children their rights, jeopardizes their health and education, and perpetuates gender inequality.

Q3: What are the consequences of child marriage?

A3: Child marriage can lead to numerous negative consequences, including limited educational opportunities, health risks, early pregnancies, and perpetuation of poverty.

Q4: Is child marriage illegal?

A4: Child marriage is illegal in many countries, including India, under various laws and acts that aim to protect children and promote their well-being.

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